De Slimste Mens

1,2 million downloads!

On the edge of your seat. Whatever the screen. Broadcaster KRO-NCRV asked for a translation of their hugely popular television show De Slimste Mens to a mobile game application. Together we decided how to do justice to the original experience, while creating something completely new.


Multiple multiplayers

We wanted to give mobile users the same experience as the contesters on television. So, we kept crucial game elements alive, while cutting out or replacing others. The result is a multiplayer app (iOS & Android) backed by a PHP/Python solution that allows over 150.000 users to play 24/7 - 365 days a year while scaling up on the fly. The app uses our in-house Elastique Push Service to send push notifications.


1,2 million downloads and counting

People loved the mobile game. Not only did it see 1,2 million downloads, it also created a push and pull effect for the show: youngsters familiar with the app started watching the television game, while the tv audience discovered the mobile version. We are proud of the fact that the De Slimste Mens app is still popular today. Even when the show is not airing, over 150.000 people still play the mobile game daily.

What Elastique did for De Slimste Mens

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