World Wildlife Fund

Changing waste with an interactive app

No less than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the sea every year. With the #PlasticAfvallen campaign (‘lose waste’ campaign), WWF wants to create more awareness about disposable plastic in the Netherlands. They called on Elastique to develop a sustainable digital solution through digital product design. The goal of this solution was to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to change their behaviour when it comes to waste.

  • Digital Product Design
  • Software Engineering


A conversational interface

A pressure-cooker design sprint involving the target group led to the concept for the Plastic Afvallen app. We brought this concept to life through digital product design. This resulted in an app in which the user has daily contact with Mark Schadenberg, Plastic Fit Coach at WWF. With daily challenges and tips, they engage the target group in an accessible way, inviting them to change their behaviour when it comes to waste.

The conversational interface ensures that the message is conveyed to the target group in a personal way. The World Wildlife Fund app signals a new way of campaigning.

The result

a sustainable software concept

The PlasticAfvallen app was the beating heart in WWF’s larger, cross-media #PlasticAfvallen campaign. The first weeks of the campaign already generated more than 5,000 downloads. The conversational interface proved to be highly effective.

This new form of campaigning also offers many opportunities for WWF in the long term. Because the results of the campaign are now measurable, its effect can be measured through anonymised analytics. Based on this data, they are able to optimise the campaign in the meantime and communicate the impact of the app to the outside world. Thanks to its future-proof nature, the WWF application is ‘re-usable’ for other campaigns, in order to achieve maximum results.

What Elastique did for WWF

Digital Product Design

Elastique developed the PlasticAfvallen app for the WWF. In this app, coach Marc helps users to reduce their plastic waste in 30 days. By means of gamification and a plastic usage meter, the user gradually learns to deal with plastic more consciously.

Software Engineering

The hybrid app that we developed for WWF is set up as a native iOS and Android container to send push notifications. This involved loading a web page, which could later also be used as a web component. The web app was built in React, using Javascript, Azure and .NET.