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Senior full-stack AWS developer

About you

We are looking for experienced and driven developers to strengthen our team. You are not afraid to work on complex projects and take the lead within your domain. Best practices are important to you: there is no code like clean code. You are well aware of ongoing developments in IT; not because you have to, but because you are passionate about IT (pun intended). You consider yourself to be a bit of a geek and are proud of it. Building complex and high quality digital systems is your idea of having fun, but you also appreciate a healthy work-life balance.

Summary of required skills

  • Node.js backend development
  • Frontend development in a modern JavaScript framework (preferably Angular)
  • Knowledge of AWS services
  • Experience with AWS CDK is a bonus
  • Experience with or an open mind towards Python is a bonus

About the job

Our current opportunities mostly involve clients on the AWS stack, writing both backend and frontend code in TypeScript. Our frontend framework of choice is Angular. On the backend, we are big fans of cloud-native and serverless approaches. You will work in hybrid teams with tech experts from Elastique as well as business experts from the client and are expected to take responsibility for the components that you are working on. You should thus be able to operate independently, but also like the interaction and spirit of working in a team. Most of our projects are customer-facing and require a sound UX, but depending on your preferences it is also possible to put more focus on DevOps or business logic.

About Elastique

Elastique is a midsize digital agency with about 35 employees in The Netherlands and 15 in Poland. Both branches are expanding, so we are welcoming both Dutch and Polish developers to apply. Our Dutch headquarters are based in Hilversum, a city quite close to Amsterdam known as capital of Dutch television and radio broadcasting. Elastique specializes in cloud-native, customer-facing digital applications with a well-designed frontend and complex backend. Our clients are extremely diverse, covering all kinds of companies and business areas. Please check out some cases on our website.

The people working at Elastique our passionate about what they do, professionally (for most of them development or design) or as a hobby (ranging from collecting sneakers to building LEGO models and from gaming to making music). We like the challenge of building high quality products with relatively small teams of about three to six experts. Our company is flat and informal and we are always looking to empower our employees by finding the right projects for them.


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